Consultancy Services

Providing consultancy services and advisory expertise whilst working alongside our clients to support them address their biggest challenges.

Focused solely on your agenda, we love rolling our sleeves up, getting stuck into the content and working collaboratively with you to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Either in parallel with our core project management offer, or as a standalone piece of work, we provide you with ‘client-side’ consulting support, independent insight and expertise.

Our Consultancy Services include


We work with you on the strategic planning process and development of the management plan that directs and operates your entire organisation and that leads you to achieve your ultimate long-term objectives and goals. We’ll help you develop a good, crisp and actionable strategy – one that’s well thought through, has identified what the choices are, and sets a clear and practical direction.

Target Operating Models (TOMs)

We support you in developing your Target Operating Model (a description of how the processes, controls, technology and organisation will operate at a point in the future) and the transformation roadmap required to get you there. We deploy a proven process to help you coherently articulate all the key elements of how your organisation will operate in the future, and ensure that this operating model aligns with your organisational strategy.

IT Strategy

As the transformational opportunities presented by technology are increasingly understood, organisations are realising a new breed of IT strategy is required, one that sits at the heart of the organisational strategy. We understand that IT functions can only support this if they are truly integrated within the business, and we will help you to articulate the strategy that defines the capabilities and capacity that your organisation requires.


We know what good procurement looks like and will work with you to put in a framework and supporting processes to build out your internal procurement capability. We help procurement functions deliver competitive advantage through cost effectiveness, service improvement and improved resilience and flexibility. We provide independent expertise to ensure that you establish the right supplier relationships across multiple partners.

Business Case Development

We work with you to build a strong foundation for informed decisions and successful change, that articulates and assesses both the risks and benefits through the creation of dedicated business cases. We combine our expertise with your insider know-how and understanding of your organisation to build the business case together, so it fits your strategy, objectives and has buy-in from the key people.

Risk Governance

The implementation of appropriate governance and risk frameworks can enhance risk oversight, facilitate better resource allocation decisions, increase operational efficiency and effectiveness, and strengthen a company’s internal control controls. CBO can help your company apply an integrated approach to identifying and assessing business risks, evaluating existing risk management activities, and developing pragmatic, continuous risk management frameworks and processes.

Does your organisation need our consultancy expertise?

If you need help with a specific challenge as part of a broader programme, or on a discrete piece of work we can bring our consultancy expertise and experience to bear to support your organisation.

Whether that’s supporting you develop strategies, Target Operating Models and business cases, running procurement exercises or implementing best practice risk governance, or simply whether you’d just like some help working through some challenging issues we’re here to work by your side to achieve the best possible outcomes.


Our Consultancy Services bring,

  • Experience and expertise
  • A proven track record of success
  • An independent perspective
  • A collaborative approach focussed on your agenda

Consultancy services articles

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