Business Analysis

Providing the skills and robust framework to deliver excellent Business Analysis services to ensure organisations achieve their potential and deliver on their objectives.

We have a team of highly experienced and skilled business analysts who work collaboratively with organisations to ensure benefits are delivered through projects.

Our business analysts have broad experience of working with organisations to identify areas where organisations can improve accuracy, effectiveness and/or efficiency.

System Specification and Requirements

Obtaining high-quality, accurate and prioritised requirements for a project or change is paramount to its success. We gather requirements using a tailored method appropriate to the business situation or organisation. This could be in the form of facilitated workshops, in-depth interviews, questionnaires, or a blend of approaches. Requirements are prioritised and documented in a detailed and standardised format so that ambiguity is eliminated, and the most effective solution can be implemented to ensure benefits are realised.

Business Process Modelling and Optimisation

At its simplest, Business Process Modelling seeks to improve business performance by ensuring that all the activities required to provide a product or service are effectively, efficiently and consistently coordinated. Performed well, it can deliver a number of significant advantages to an organisation. We approach Business Process Modelling for our clients with a staged model containing identification, documentation, analysis and improvement, implementation and control.

Test Management

We have a great depth of experience in test management to ensure that projects receive the required support and skills in this area. A robust test management strategy, plan and implementation of that plan is paramount to the success of any software implementation. In addition to solving minor bugs and issues with a new system or technology change, adopting a structured testing approach can greatly reduce the risk of issues and delays upon implementation.

Does your project need our Business Analysis expertise?

We have the skills and experience to deliver a range of business analysis services to ensure that your project is a success.

Very often, real-world problems are poorly defined or understood. We can help by providing a professional view on a problem situation and guiding you towards a suitable solution, whether challenges lie at a people, process, technology or organisational level.

  • Do you have a project that requires a test manager or test support?
  • Do you need thorough investigation of requirements for a system or technology change?
  • Do you need to eliminate waste or inefficiency through process optimisation?
  • Do you require detailed analysis towards a business case or study?
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