Lydia Mullins

Lydia is a Consultant with more than six years’ experience working on organisational change and transformation projects. With experience across a range of projects and programmes, Lydia’s skills combine project management, business analysis and change management.

Lydia takes a holistic approach to service design, considering the integration of processes, systems, infrastructure and people to create services that meet users’ needs. She supports organisations to prepare for, implement and adapt to change, leading to the successful implementation of projects with lasting effects.

Recently, Lydia has delivered projects with a regulatory and compliance focus. This includes the implementation of Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Operational Resilience rules within a Guernsey-based UK motor insurance company, as well as supporting a locally based fund and fiduciary company to deliver a project driven by GFSC regulatory requirements.

Prior to moving to Guernsey and formal project work in 2016, Lydia worked as an Account Manager in the electrical wholesale industry.

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