Richard Brown
Senior Consultant

Richard has a wealth of experience and expertise, with 20 years of working and consulting for a range of organisations across many sectors, including IT, Telecoms, Banking, Utilities, Leisure, and Finance.

Richard is skilled as an SAFe Practitioner, Project Manager and coach and has transformed departments and PMOs. This has included focusing on:

  • Process Flow Management
  • Risk Management
  • Resource Utilisation Management
  • ‘Demand’ pipeline management
  • Finance reporting
  • Annual budget forecasting
  • Benefit ManagementOpex improvement.

Richard enjoys the ownership & accountability for strategy, projects, programmes and change activities in business, mixing forward thinking and creativity with careful planning and step-by-step implementation. Meticulous in his approach, Richard has invaluable experience leading and having ultimate responsibility for a team of project or programme managers and being responsible for multiple streams of transformation or change.

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