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Ed Smith

Senior Consultant

Ed Smith is a Senior Consultant at CBO with 7 years of experience in project and programme management across both the public and private sectors.

Ed has experience in managing projects and supporting clients from small teams to large multi-location organisations, covering areas of governance, organisational redesign, procurement, services improvement, IT and strategy. His major projects include: programme management of the integration of two public service organisations, the turnaround of a cross-organisational commercial function (returning £40m of savings to the business), redesign of a commodity trading new business unit, and supporting the definition of programmes to reform cross-governmental public services.

In his most recent role, prior to joining CBO in 2017, Ed lead a number of project, programme and change initiatives within the States of Guernsey. Ed worked with a wide variety of government services to improve the quality of services and deliver better value to islanders. As a Programme Manager, he was responsible for all aspects of project scoping, delivery and client relationship management.

Ed began his career working for a FTSE 100 energy and utility company, delivering projects across the organisation including hydrocarbons, renewable energy, trading, and corporate services. During his time, Ed guided projects and initiatives from inception to full implementation, working side by side with company leaders to improve operations and deliver better commercial outcomes.

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