Organisational Strategy and Target Operating Model Design

Successful organisations can articulate their key business objectives, and how they intend to achieve them.

While this may seem self-evident, even the most successful organisations experience periods where they either struggle to provide a comprehensive and consistent description of their strategic aims, or are unable to articulate a realistic and detailed plan for how their aims will be achieved.

CBO provide practical and pragmatic support for the development of organisational strategies and associated delivery plans.

We often capture these in robust and transparent ‘Target Operating Models’.  We have provided this consultancy to a diverse range of organisations, including public and private sector bodies, companies employing fewer than 100 staff, and organisations employing many thousands of people.

Our approach in this area is characterised by pragmatism and a focus on concrete outputs that can easily be implemented.

Our approach is built on four key principles:

  • Strategy must be informed by an understanding of the current situation.  CBO undertake qualitative and quantitative analysis of an organisation’s current operations to ensure that the development of strategic objectives is informed by a rounded understanding of the ‘as is’ situation.  This helps ensure that ambitions reflect real opportunities and challenges, and can be implemented.
  • Strategy must be based on a transparent rationale.  CBO uses a range of tools to ensure that the process of developing organisational strategies is clearly structured and transparent.  This helps provide senior executives, and those scrutinising them, with certainty that they have made appropriate, well informed and mature decisions.
  • Strategy development must involve all key parties.  CBO encourages, and uses a number of proven techniques, to involve a wide range of stakeholders in the process of designing organisational strategies, and related implementation plans.  This helps them develop an understanding and acceptance of required change, which significantly increases the chance of success.
  • Strategy should be supported by an implementation plan.  CBO builds on its pedigree in programme and project management to develop project plans, business cases and financial models for implementing Target Operating Models.  This helps ensure that intent is rapidly and effectively converted into measurable improvement.

CBO’s practical and transparent approach is appreciated by our customers, as is shown in the feedback from our clients below.

Case Study: Target Operating Model