Case Study: Ogier and Elian

Corporate Separation


During late 2013 the shareholders of the Ogier legal group, at the time 800 staff operating in 10 jurisdictions, sought to carve out the fiduciary aspects of the business. The total deal value was published as £180m, and a fixed period of 18 months to separate the companies was contractually established.

The Head of IT at Ogier engaged CBO with a requirement for an independent Programme Manager to manage the entire IT separation, a programme that consisted of 37 projects.

CBO’s Work

Our work included the following key deliverables:

  • Developing the required Programme Governance, including a Steering
  • Committee with both the Vendor and Buyer representation
  • Developing and managing the 18 month separation plan
  • Programme Budget development and management
  • Managing Programme Risks
  • Managing Programme Resources
  • Creating the appropriate Project Framework to enable Project Managers to successfully deliver the 37 projects within the Programme

On programme inception CBO worked to consolidate the programme and establish a team of project managers and business analysts to deliver the 37 related projects. Project Management standards were established and published, with a particularly strong emphasis on the governance surround sign-off of each Project Initiation Document (PID).

It was essential that project specifications, PIDs, budget and resource plans were captured in detail before being signed off by the two nominated representatives from the companies. This resulted in a very well defined programme from a relatively early point, with less than a handful of change controls across the entire programme.

Resource planning was managed at a detailed level by CBO to ensure that internal resources would be available during specific periods when the large volumes of off-island suppliers were on-site.

CBO’s Impact

CBO were engaged by Ogier, not only as best-in-class local suppliers of project and programme management expertise but also thanks to the successful delivery of other similar M&A programmes in recent years.

CBO assisted Ogier in identify the key programme risks, and means of mitigating them, prior to the signing of the deal documentation. Once this initial exercise was considered complete, and mitigations had been captured in the deal documentation, CBO set about establishing a full programme delivery framework within a matter of weeks.

CBO drew upon their experience and well-established toolset to drive the programme through its initial phases ahead of schedule, working in close conjunction with the project managers to ensure quality remained high at this critical point within the programme lifecycle.

The programme was delivered successfully and also 5 months early against the original timeline of 18 months for separation.

It was also delivered at more than 5% under budget. This as primarily down to the strong programme governance established by CBO from the outset, including consistent Project management standards used across all 37 projects.

Simon Willing, COO, Ogier, says:

"CBO were engaged prior to deal signing to establish and deliver an IT change programme aimed at separating the fiduciary elements of Ogier due to the sale of the business (400 staff / 10 jurisdictions). Initially this involved development of an appropriate governance model, input into the Transitionary Services Agreement and formation of the programme of 37 projects required to deliver the change before moving on to the day-to-day management of the programme. For the past 14 months CBO has managed the programme through consistent use of the agreed governance, through rigorous management of project managers and their deliverables, and through development and communication of rolling detailed plans, roadmaps and transition plans. The programme is has now completed and has been delivered several months early."

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