Case Study: Guernsey Waste Target Operating Model


This project focused on defining a Target Operating Model for a new States of Guernsey trading asset, Guernsey Waste. This Target Operating Model informed the future management of waste operations and the delivery of the States’ Trading Supervisory Board (STSB)’s statutory obligations as a Waste Disposal Authority. 

CBO’s Approach 

CBO’s objectives were to: 

  • build an understanding of the services that were commissioned or delivered by Guernsey Waste’s predecessors; 
  • identify and evaluate a range of options for the efficient and effective delivery of existing and new services through Guernsey Waste; 
  • to design the how Guernsey Waste would operate, ensuring that it could deliver critical services to islanders, while effectively managing its significant and operating budget; and 
  • to describe the impact of creating Guernsey Waste on the organisation that had previously been responsible for many of its functions, States Works. 

CBO’s Impact 

CBO’s Target Operating Model was approved by the STSB, and has subsequently been implemented. It has delivered a wholly new approach to managing the island’s waste management system, within the financial parameters set by the STSB. 

Richard Evans, the Deputy Managing Director of the States of Guernsey’s Trading Assets, said that: 

Getting the Target Operating Model for Guernsey Waste defined, worked through and then implemented was a key step in establishing Guernsey Waste as a new Trading Asset and rounding off the implementation of the solid waste strategy. CBO was commissioned to undertake this piece of work, which was completed in time to ‘launch’ the new Trading Asset and commence waste operations in earnest. 

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